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2 hours to full day or multi-day workshops based on topic and content to be covered. We offer workshops in schools, public and private events.

Sci-Dance Presentation

10 - 40 minute dance productions based on Science to be presented

Science - Dance Consultation 

As professional scientist, dancers and educators, we can provide consultation on How to teach science innovatively, Science communication for public outreach, Choreography approach for Science - Dance projects, Using dance for science storytelling.


We are always open to interesting ideas and collaborations.

Science and Technology

Topics covered

We cover topics related to basic science (physics, chemistry, biology) and mathematics.

We also have expertise in covering advanced topics in Biology.

Along with collaborators and experts in the field, we can work on advanced topics in chemistry and physics.

Age groups -  9- 12, 13 - 16, 17+

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