In 2021, we have chosen to focus our workshop themes on 'Bacteria and Virus', see below for more details about workshops coming to you. 

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Spring monthly workshop series for Switzerland

Last 2 sessions remaining. Learn about soaps, sanitizers and finally vaccination.

For additional queries, you can write to

Summer holiday camp for USA

Learn all about bacteria and viruses, soaps, sanitizers and vaccination.

Starting on 4th June, every Friday for 6 weeks. 

10 - 11 am CST

Ideal for 8 years and above

First session free, $75 for whole camp

For additional queries, you can write to

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Navya, 9 year old

I liked both the dance and science

Gautham, 12 year old

I like how we imagined the virus and bacteria looked like


Participant, undergrad

Difficult concepts were conveyed very easily to the audience