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Concept of Communication

We believe learning is enhanced when theory can be visualized with a 3D model or an equivalent. Matter, molecules and  science in general is extremely dynamic. There is constant interaction, transformation and movement. Visualizing movement from static 2D pictures and text is very difficult and it also leaves a lot of room to imagination, which can be wrong. While a stand-alone 3D structure can help to some extent, a dynamic 4D model where movement can be seen and felt enhances the learning experience.

Therefore what participants or audience from our program gain is

1) fun and interactive way of learning science

2) deeper understanding of the science

3) a motor or visual memory of the science 

The Art

Bharata Natyam, an Indian classical dance form, is a powerful combination of movement with complex coordinated elements of the various limbs, and the emotional expression in narration of meaningful content. The content narrated through Bharata Natyam is traditionally of mythological origin. However, in the past three decades there has been a development of using Bharata Natyam vocabulary outside the frame of Hindu-liturgy to create post-modern, secular choreography outside the traditional repertoire.The modern performance of Bharata Natyam is not confined to a dancer from a certain milieu or a certain origin, nor to content-related topics or a necessary connection to a religion or tradition. The present project takes advantage of this fact by using Bharata Natyam in a completely new context, outside its frame of being an Indian dance, danced by Indians with Indian content. Using this art, is not only in line with the general global development of Bharata Natyam, it is and will be a contribution to existing attempts in using dance as a communicative medium for science. 

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